A toast to you, and you, and you...

We cannot explain it.  The laughter, never without the tears.  The I just want to dance moments.  The clunk of our boots on wooden floors, anticipation of the room greeting us, the exhilaration of knowing just where we stand in our bodies.  Arms wide to collect each other.

We can’t explain how our hearts beat together.  How we bleed together.  How we can see each others souls, in glimpses and moments.  How we touch without touching.  How we hear ourselves through the mouths of another.  

We cannot explain the circle, it confuses even us.  We do not understand how we have gone so long with a circle unbroken, but understand fully just how fragile our sphere can be.  

Nervous laughter, a sideways glance, words spoken or misunderstood.  The circle so easily becomes a ring.  We fall broken, and hurt in misunderstanding. 

We disguise ourselves to damper the fires of joy.  Patting on the flames, we spread our energies thin, as the fuel springs a slow leak. 

Look away.  Please.  Give us the space to heal.  

We can’t explain how the fires grow.  How our heat and love is so very real, it keeps us whole, intact.  We hold in our hearts the knowing that no amount of shopping or make-up or ab exercises, organic food or hair dye will hide the fire of our spirits.  

And our circle grows, once again unbroken.  

We cannot be cooled.