Living the beautiful life you dream of, starts with your fuel. Your power. It doesn’t have to be hard or confusing.  

It is certainly freeing and empowering.

Persephone's Kitchen & Cafe features fresh, lovingly prepared foods, daily gluten free baked goods, and organic, locally roasted coffee. 
We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. The set table is our grounded center. We believe that food is love.

Come hang out with us...

Located on beautiful Block Island, at 235 Dodge Street.  

Open Daily May-October 7am-4pm

You can find our latest updates on Facebook & Instagram or visit

We are currently updating our menu and will have it posted here soon!  Please check back...


Sampling of deliciousness ::

This is one of my most favorite salad recipes.  I make it and salivate until I am finally able to devour.

I crave this every spring.  It is included in the spring cleanse recipes, but any time I think of sharing my food with people this recipe comes to mind. 


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